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ies, at restaurants or in your home, that run between $700 and $1,000. They can also provide you with a personalized birthday cake, foo d for adults and a photography package at an additional cost. If you want a do-it-yourself option, try Party-in-a-Box, which provides y ou with supplies, directions and a shopping list to host your own cooking party for your child at a cost of $30 per child.Cupcake Kids NYCVarious locations(646) 789-5554www.cupcakekids.cominfo@cupcakekids.com Home Cooking NYC As the name suggests, Home Cooking New York conversion chart download free comes to you in your own home. Home Cooking New York offers several exciting party themes for children, including Italian Night with in dividual pizzas or ricotta gnocchi, rainbow salad and banana splits; Dim Sum Party with assorted sushi rolls, potsticker dumplings and cheapest mens aftershaves a salad with carrot-ginger dressing; and Mexican Fiesta with fresh guacamole and homemade tortilla chips, chicken quesadillas with pine .

803-6857www.homecookingny.comjennifer@homecookingny.com Dough Re Me Kids Dough Re Me Kids advertises their classes as more than just te chnique and recipes. They stress manners and repetition of ingredients to help your children learn about the whole dining experience. M ath and science are incorporated into classes that run for 16 weeks for an hour each week in the kitchen of owner Romy Horn. Cost for e ach 1-week session is $480. Dough Re Me Kids also offers workshops that run an hour or two and focus on in-season ingredients.Dough Re 3d model vw beetle Me KidsDumbo area of Brooklyn, New York(718) 237-2504doughremekids.comromy@doughremekids.com Mini Chef NYC Mini Chef NYC prides itself on bringing mini-foodies together with trained chefs, offering classes, workshops and parties in various restaurants around New York Ci cheapest mens aftershaves ty and the Art Farm on the Upper East Side. Parties in the Fall of 2009 may be held at Carmine's on the Upper West Side, Wildwood BBQ, .

12) 727-2703www.minichefnyc.cominfo@minichefnyc.com1 If you have a frying pan of grease (say from burgers or bacon) you can dispose of it two different ways.The first way is to let the frying pan sit until the grease hardens and then you can simply wipe it out with pape r towels and then throw the paper towels in the garbage can.The second way is to pour the grease into an old can (say from vegetables o r tomato sauce) and then let it harden. Simply throw the can away once the grease has hardened. 2 If you have used frying oil (such as handbag free 3d model vegetable oil), let the oil cool. Then place it in a clean glass bottle and save it for the next time you are frying. If it's dirty and ready to be disposed of, just toss the glass bottle in the trash. 3 You can also dispose of small amounts of used oil or grease with s cheapest mens aftershaves turdy, sealable plastic bags. Make sure the oil is totally cool before putting it in the bag. Don't dispose of too much, as it can leak .

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